Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines
After World War II, the barrel finishing method developed in the West was first introduced to Japan through our company by the West German KC Walther Company with a method called “Trior barrel finishing.”
From there, barrel finishing was adopted throughout the machinery industry in Japan and was markedly streamlined.
What further evolved with this history is now the TOHO KOKI centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

What is Centrifugal Barrel Finishing?

Centrifugal barrel is the newest finishing technique with capabilities dramatically superior to the rotating barrel, vibration barrel techniques; it finishes by high-speed planetary rotation in which multiple barrels each spin on their own axis in mesh with the overall rotation. With the strong centrifugal force and high-speed flow, this method has powerful finishing capacity superior to the rotating and vibration barrel methods, providing heavy grinding and precision finishing in a short amount of time.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines by Category
Removable Barrel
Removable Barrel Type
TAB-14 1L × 4 Baths
TAB-24 2L × 4 Baths
TAB-54 (3.5L) 3.5 × 4 Baths
TAB-54 5L × 4 Baths
TAB-64 6L × 4 Baths

Fixed Barrel Type
Fixed Barrel Type
TAB-54G 5L × 4 Baths
TAB-104 10L × 4 Baths
TAB-154 15L × 4 Baths
TAB-204 20L × 4 Baths
TAB-304 30L × 4 Baths
TAB-404 40L × 4 Baths
TAB-504 50L × 4 Baths

Our idea
TOHO KOKI for barrel finishing machine
As things rapidly change over time, so also do the needs of our customers widely expand.
To further evolve our DNA, we will continue to be a company that contributes to our customers with unique artisan tastes by veering from the conventional to provide products that answer their needs, under the vision of "Barrel Finishing Machines...TOHO KOKI."
We do research and development today to become a force supporting world-class products.