We have introduced several centrifugal barrel machines, rotating barrel machines, and sorters to the industry.
Our philosophy is to work with our customers to provide engineering expertise and overcome any challenge.
We strive to meet the technical needs across many industries with our products.
Product Information
The centrifugal barrel finishing machine polishes by high-speed planetary rotation in which multiple barrels each spin on their own axis in mesh with the overall rotation.

With the centrifugal barrel finishing method, damage to parts can be avoided by using separators to create chambers in which 1 part per chamber is placed.

The rotating barrel finishing machine is the most common barrel finishing method. The machine provides very consistent and stable finishing.

A machine to sort of a large amount of small parts in a short period of time. We are very proud of the high selection rate with the standard 2-stage sorting of our vibration sorting machine.

The machine works through the mutual friction of the object to be polished and media in the barrel flow along by vibration.

Parts are dried from the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation and hot air.

Sales of Media and Compounds
We treasure the expertise we’ve gained in the combination of finishing machines and media.
We provide suggestions from more than 100 types of media that best meet the needs of customers according to their product materials, shapes, and finishing objectives.

We can make suggestions on media even if your finishing machine is not from our company.

Rubber linings repair
Is there coming in a rubber lining in the pot by long grind?

When a metallic department exposes, a product is caught in a dent and rubber, and grind of a product is worse, and mixed wrong product will be the cause which occurs to come off.
We have a re-rubber lining.
Please consult about wear resistance rubber and oil resistance rubber.

Our idea
TOHO KOKI for barrel finishing machine
As things rapidly change over time, so also do the needs of our customers widely expand.
To further evolve our DNA, we will continue to be a company that contributes to our customers with unique artisan tastes by veering from the conventional to provide products that answer their needs, under the vision of "Barrel Finishing Machines...TOHO KOKI."
We do research and development today to become a force supporting world-class products.