Multi-chamber Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines
The multi-chamber barrel machine was devised as a means to provide the same finish as conventional buffing.
The machine is ideal for objects that are easily damaged or have a complex shape or heavy specific gravity. Basically, by limiting the objects to 1 object (or small lot) per barrel chamber in the rough step or finishing step, it is possible to obtain a precision finish that replaces buffing. (Can be used for both wet-type and dry-type tasks.)

What is Multi-chamber Centrifugal Barrel Finishing?

This finishing method prevents denting that would normally occur to parts when they hit each other by using separators to create chambers in which 1 part per chamber is placed. This method is ideal for parts that are normally not suitable for barrel finishing such as parts that are relatively large or are made of soft materials like golf club heads, door knob ornaments, etc.

Multi-chamber Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines by Category
Wet Type
Wet Type
TAB-504 50L × 4 Baths, 112 Chambers
TAB-504 50L × 4 Baths, 16 Chambers
TAB-504 50L × 4 Baths, 128 Chambers

Please inquire about capacity and number of chamber needs.

Dry Type
Dry Type
TAB-34H 3L × 4 Baths, 32 Chambers

Please inquire about number of chamber needs.

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