Ceramic media GXT
Ceramic media GXT
Product Name GXT
Finishing application Strong abuse、Burr up.It’s most suitable to get a gouge mark.
Size Triangle
symbol a b c
T-29 29 29 16
T-22 22 22 14
T-16 16 16 12
T-9 9 9 5
T-6 6 6 6

Our idea
TOHO KOKI for barrel finishing machine
As things rapidly change over time, so also do the needs of our customers widely expand.
To further evolve our DNA, we will continue to be a company that contributes to our customers with unique artisan tastes by veering from the conventional to provide products that answer their needs, under the vision of "Barrel Finishing Machines...TOHO KOKI."
We do research and development today to become a force supporting world-class products.