Rotation Barrel Finishing Machines
With our rotating barrel finishing machines, we have developed the highly praised ALP plant equipment series which has markedly increased finishing efficiency. Several barrels are conveyed on a carrier to their specified place, and after completion of the finishing process the media and parts contained in the barrel are unloaded, sorted, and the polished parts after further processing are then cleaned and rust protected. Thereafter, the media and parts can then be easily loaded so that the next layer of finishing can easily be done.

What is rotating finishing?

Rotating finishing is the most standard barrel finishing method and is the basics of barrel finishing. Other highly efficient methods such as the vibration barrel, centrifugal barrel and high-speed flow barrel types are available but the rotating barrel method provides the most even and stable precise finishing. Also, it is a quiet machine, so it has the advantage of continued operation at night, producing results that are not inferior to other types. Moreover, this is the best deal for a barrel machine with its reasonable price tag and easy and low-cost maintenance.

Rotating Barrel Finishing Machines by Category
Fixed Type
Fixed Type
TK-100 (100L)
TK-200 (200L)
TK-400 (400L)
TK-500 (500L)
TK-500 (500L, triple)

Tilting Type
Tilting Type
TKR-65 (65L)
TKR-120 (120L)
TKR-200 (200L)
TKR-300 (300L)
TKR-600 (600L)

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Our idea
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