Vibration Barrel Finishing Machines
Because polishing is done with minimal vibration and no tumbling, a beautiful finishing on thin and delicate objects can be obtained in a short amount of time.
This product has low equipment, operational, and maintenance costs with its low number of moving parts such as gears, belts, acceleration mechanism, and couplings and its low consumption of media and compounds. (Example: 0.13 kW for 28L, 1.5 kW for 283L)
In addition, with this light-weight, downsized machine, installation is simple.
By using the product with the open structure, no pressure is generated within the container.
Therefore, you can use strong acids or alkaline compounds with confidence.
Since the loading and unloading items and media are simple, you can check the progress of work during operation.
By attaching a simple device, the parts can be automatically separated from the media after the finishing task has completed.

Vibration Barrel Finishing Machine Types
Vibration Barrel Finishing Machines
Vibration Barrel Finishing Machines
FM-1 (28L)
FM-3 (85L)
FM-10 (283L)
FM-20 (600L)
FM-40 (1120L)

Our idea
TOHO KOKI for barrel finishing machine
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